Chilean Myrtle (Luma apiculata)

Luma Apiculata

Luma Apiculata

Chilean Myrtle

Scientific Name – Luma apiculata

Chilean Myrtle is native to Chile and Argentina and is seldom more than a large shrub outside its South American home. It is frequently found in Ireland most often colonizing shrubberies in the south west and is confined to the extreme south and west of the UK. It is most commonly grown as an ornamental tree or shrub in gardens and parks.

This evergreen tree or shrub has orange bark that flakes away to reveal white areas that can be quite large – up to 2 or 3m in older trees. Chilean myrtle has a loosely conical growth pattern and is often multi-stemmed while it has leaves with a dark green upper surface and slightly paler beneath, that when crushed give off a sweet and spicy aroma.