Gardens & Arboretum

Alongside the beautiful floral gardens in Woodstock Gardens, we have a large arboretum with many unusual tree-lined walks.

The arboretum is dominated by conifers, notably Pinus montezumae var hartwegi, (Hartweg’s pine), Sequoia sempervirens (Coast Redwood), Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese Cedar), Sequoia dendron giganteum (Giant Redwood), Chamaecyparis pisifera (Sawara cypress), Thuja standishii (Japanese Arbor-vitae) and Thuja plicata ‘Zebrina’ (Golden Variegated Western Red Cedar) to name a few. In addition to the conifers are several other notable trees including Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula’ (Weeping beech – Irish Clone), Castanea sativa (Sweet Chestnut), Quercus ilex (Holm Oak), Luma apiculata (Chilean myrtle), Crinodendron hookerianum (Chilean Lantern Bush).


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