The Grotto and the Tiled House

Tiled House

“The Tiled House” 2002 M. Brophy”

The grotto and tiled house are located in the north western part of the garden, adjacent to the Walled Garden.

The tiled house is a T shaped, rubble stone building with a slate roof. Internally the building is lined with tiles, and also includes a fireplace. The tiled house was built between 1780 and 1800 and it is likely that the grotto was added later c.1850. The tiled house was used as an ornamental dairy as was fashionable in the early 19th Century. In 2000 the tiled house was re-roofed and internal walls rendered.

The grotto comprises two outdoor rooms, flanking the tiled house and framing the small entrance doorways. It was constructed from large white quartz boulders stacked up in a cliff like manner. The quartz ‘cliffs’ were originally planted with ferns, yuccas and cordylines and would as intended have created a labyrinth like, mystical appearance. Water was carried to the grotto via a stone arched aqueduct and allowed to trickle down above the door to the bamboo walk and into an adjacent water channel.

The tiled house is currently under restoration and due for completion soon.