Weeping Irish Beech

Fagus sylvatica PendulaScientific Name – Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula’

The European beech is a native tree of most of temperate Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean and south to northern Spain. In Mediterranean regions it occurs only at higher elevations and in western and central Europe it grows on a wide range of soils. It is native to the south of England and is thought to have been introduced into Ireland in the late 16th Century and planted widely on estates for aesthetic and commercial reasons.

The Weeping Irish Beech was developed in Europe c. 1820 and frequently occurs in parks and gardens. Trees have been observed to have differing growth patterns from tall and narrow to widely spreading with layered branches giving rise to an outer ring of trees. New shoot rise vertically at first before drooping. Weeping Irish Beeches have a maximum height of 28m.

1.Cedrus libani (Cedar of Lebanon)
2.Fagus sylvatica ‘Heterophylla’ (Cut leaf beech)
3.Larix decidua (European larch)
4.Cupressus Macrocarpa (Monterey cypress)
5.Thuja plicata (Western red cedar)
6.Luma apiculata (Chilean myrtle)
7.Chamaecyparis pisifera (Swara cypress)
8.Tsuga dumosa (Himalayan hemlock)* Champion
9.Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Lutea'(Goldn monterey cypress)
10.Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine)
11.Cedrus libani (Cedar of Lebanon)
12.Quercus ilex (Holm oak)
13.Cryptomeria Japonica ‘Elegans’ (Japanese cedar)
14.Thujopsis dolobrata (Hiba)
15.Pinus gordoniana (White pine)
16.Sequoia sempervirens (Coast redwood)*Champion
17.Thuja standishii(Japanses arbor-vitae)
18.Sequoi sempervirens(Coast redwood)*Champion
19.Pinus montezumae ‘hartwegii’ (Mexican pine)
20.Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant redwood)
21.Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant redwood)
22.Picea orientalis (Oriental spruce)
23.Fagus sylvatica ‘pendula’ (Weeping Irish Beech)
24.Cupressus lusitanica bethamii(Bentham cypress)

The trees listed *Champion are considered to be among the finest of their species to be found in Europe