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The Coffee Kiosk will be open in the car park for the months of June, July and August serving tea/coffee and a selection of snacks. Please note the conservatory no longer houses the tea …

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About The Gardens

Woodstock Gardens are located in the south east of Kilkenny just outside the picturesque village of Inistioge. The gardens, overlooking the River Nore Valley, offer the visitor a wide variety of attractions and are a most relaxing and beautiful environment in which to spend a day. The gardens have been restored by Kilkenny County Council and further features and planting are being added all the time.

The main development of Woodstock Gardens occurred in the Victorian Period with the works being overseen by Lady Louisa Tighe nee Lennox and head gardeners, Pierce Butler and later Charles McDonald. The gardens were restored to the period 1840 -1890 with every effort being made to use plants and materials typical of the era.

The gardens are home to a mix of formal and informal gardens with an arboretum, walled garden, terraced garden, yew walk and rose garden providing the main interest. Also of significance are two stunning avenues, the Monkey Puzzle Avenue and Noble Fir Avenue. Recently added are a rustic summer house, constructed from materials from the gardens and a fountain to replace the original which was sold from the gardens c.1930. The arboretum is home to many fine specimen trees from Asia and South America in particular. A number of these trees are recognised as champion trees due to their size.

Located in the Flower Terraces is a beautiful Conservatory that was restored and is now a tea room where you can avail of tea, coffee and home baking.

The Winter Gardens The Winter Gardens

The Winter Garden was designed in the 1860’s by Scottish man, Charles McDonald, then head gardener at Woodstock.
The garden is made up of four sunken panels that once contained elaborately planted parterres. These were sited …

Woodstock House Woodstock House

Woodstock House was built in 1745-47 for Sir William Fownes by the architect Francis Bindon. It has a rusticated front façade and is unusual in being built around a small central court. The decorative emphasis …

The Aboretum / Pleasure Grounds The Aboretum / Pleasure Grounds

Also known as the Pleasure Grounds, the Arboretum at Woodstock was the focus of a considerable amount of exotic tree planting during the 19th Century. The area which is located on gently rising ground was …

Playground Playground

A playground was recently added to the gardens.  It is suitable for children under the age of 14.  Parents are asked to supervise their children at all times.  Please note due to the safety surfacing …

The Grotto and the Tiled House The Grotto and the Tiled House

The grotto and tiled house are located in the north western part of the garden, adjacent to the Walled Garden.
The tiled house is a T shaped, rubble stone building with a slate roof. …

The Walled Garden The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden is situated on rising ground in the Pleasure Grounds. The garden is 1.9 acres in extent, delimited by walls of stone and brick. The garden was built in the mid 18th Century …

The Flower Terraces The Flower Terraces

The terraced flower garden was completed in the early 1850’s by Lady Louisa Tighe.
It comprises three long terraces, formerly devoted to annual bedding schemes. The central path was aligned upon a very fine circular conservatory …

The Monkey Puzzle Walk The Monkey Puzzle Walk

It was observed by William Miller following a visit to Woodstock that the trees did not do very well at first, making little ‘new growth and got rusted , which was owing to the wet, …

The Noble Fir Walk The Noble Fir Walk

The Noble Fir Walk (Abies Nobilis)
The Noble Fir Walk, was for years wrongly identified as The Silver Fir Walk. During tree surgery works, foliage was taken and identified as being that of the Noble Fir …

Fagus sylvatica’Heterophylla’(Cut Leaf Beech) Fagus sylvatica’Heterophylla’(Cut Leaf Beech)

Cut Leaf Beech
Scientific Name – Fagus sylvatica var heterophylla ‘Asplenifolia’
The European beech is a native tree of most of temperate Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean and south to northern Spain. In Mediterranean regions it …