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Golden Monterey Cypress Scientific Name – Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Lutea’ A cultivar of Cupressus macrocarpa, the Golden Monterey Cypress was first introduced to these islands at Chester in 1892. It is similar to Cupressus macrocarpa but has dull, golden foliage and is slower growing while growing to a height of 25m.

Scots Pine Scientific Name – Pinus sylvestris This tree is native to northern and central Europe covering an area from Spain to Lapland including Scotland and northern England. Fossil records indicate that Scots Pine was also native to Ireland but became extinct before being reintroduced. In the past it was commonly used in commercial forestry, […]

Holm Oak Scientific Name – Quercus ilex The Holm or Evergreen Oak is native to northern parts of Africa and southern Europe and it is common throughout the UK and Ireland. It is found frequently in parks and gardens where it is grown for its ornamental value. Its bark is brownish black or black and […]

Japanese Cedar Scientific Name – Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans’ First introduced to Ireland and the UK 1861, this tree is native to Japan. This common cultivar of the Japanese Cedar has three distinctive growth patterns – upright and conical with a broadly rounded top, broadly columnar or as most often found, arched and bent with many […]

Also known as the Chilean Pine, the Monkey Puzzle Tree is the only frost hardy member of an important Southern Hemisphere family. The tree was introduced into the British Isles in 1795 by Archibald Menzies who was offered the seeds of the tree whilst at dinner with the Governor of Chile. The trees were popular […]