The Noble Fir Walk

The Noble Fir Walk (Abies Nobilis)

The Noble Fir Walk, was for years wrongly identified as The Silver Fir Walk. During tree surgery works, foliage was taken and identified as being that of the Noble Fir (Abies procera).

This walk was the last great work to the ornamental planting in the grounds made by William F.F. Tighe, planted during the year of his death in 1878. It runs north west/south east on the south east side of the house for some considerable length (approximately ΒΌ of a mile). The trees were set out in a very regular order, both in rows and in the pairing across the walk. The distance between the trees is the same as in the Monkey Puzzle Walk c. 7m. The path width however is wider at c. 11.4m.

Noble Fir Walk" 2002 - Newly Planted

Noble Fir Walk” 2002 – Newly Planted

“Noble Fir Walk” 2002 – Newly Planted

When the restoration project started in 1999, the Noble Fir Walk had been so overgrown that it had been lost as a feature. The path was extremely muddy, probably due to a blocked drain. This waterlogged ground caused the death of some trees towards the northern end of the walk. These have now been removed and young trees planted in their place. The young trees were sourced from Coillte’s Christmas Tree Farm in Wicklow. Because they don’t transplant well, the trees (approx 2m high) had to be lifted and planted on the same day to prevent the roots from drying out. The trees were lifted early in the morning in Wicklow and rushed to Woodstock on a covered truck. The trees were planted immediately on arrival and well watered. Two years later, all trees seem to have become well established in their new environment.