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Cut Leaf Beech Scientific Name – Fagus sylvatica var heterophylla ‘Asplenifolia’ The European beech is a native tree of most of temperate Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean and south to northern Spain. In Mediterranean regions it occurs only at higher elevations and in western and central Europe it grows on a wide range of […]

European Larch Scientific Name – Larix decidua The European Larch is the only deciduous conifer. It is native to the Alps of eastern France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Southern Germany, the Sudetan Mountains of the Czech Republic and the Tatra mountains of Romania. It is now widely grown as a commercial forest crop. Introduced into the […]

Monterey Cypress Scientific Name – Cupressus macrocarpa Monterey Cypress occurs naturally in only two groves – Cypress Point and Point Lobos on Monterey Bay on the central coast of California and is now almost extinct in the wild. It is however wildly grown in many in many parks, gardens and churchyards in Ireland and the […]

Western Red Cedar Scientific Name – Thuja plicata Western Red Cedar are common along the western coast of North America stretching from Alaska to California. Western Red Cedars are most often found in parks or gardens in the UK and Ireland while they have also occasionally been used as a forest crop. Bark is a […]

Chilean Myrtle Scientific Name – Luma apiculata Chilean Myrtle is native to Chile and Argentina and is seldom more than a large shrub outside its South American home. It is frequently found in Ireland most often colonizing shrubberies in the south west and is confined to the extreme south and west of the UK. It […]

Sawara Cypress Scientific Name – Chamaecyparis pisifera Native to Japan, it is uncommon to find this tree with a number of cultivars such as ‘Plumosa’ being a lot more common and regularly located in parks, gardens and churchyards. Sawara Cypress has a rich chestnut brown bark with narrow, deep fissures that run parallel to one […]

Himalayan Hemlock Scientific Name – Tsuga dumosa Native to the eastern Himalayas, this is a rare tree that is more common in Ireland than the UK – with only a few trees in south west. The bark on old trees is similar to that of old larch trees – pinkish, heavily ridged with wide, shallow […]

Golden Monterey Cypress Scientific Name – Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Lutea’ A cultivar of Cupressus macrocarpa, the Golden Monterey Cypress was first introduced to these islands at Chester in 1892. It is similar to Cupressus macrocarpa but has dull, golden foliage and is slower growing while growing to a height of 25m.

Scots Pine Scientific Name – Pinus sylvestris This tree is native to northern and central Europe covering an area from Spain to Lapland including Scotland and northern England. Fossil records indicate that Scots Pine was also native to Ireland but became extinct before being reintroduced. In the past it was commonly used in commercial forestry, […]

Holm Oak Scientific Name – Quercus ilex The Holm or Evergreen Oak is native to northern parts of Africa and southern Europe and it is common throughout the UK and Ireland. It is found frequently in parks and gardens where it is grown for its ornamental value. Its bark is brownish black or black and […]