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Japanese Cedar Scientific Name – Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans’ First introduced to Ireland and the UK 1861, this tree is native to Japan. This common cultivar of the Japanese Cedar has three distinctive growth patterns – upright and conical with a broadly rounded top, broadly columnar or as most often found, arched and bent with many […]

Pinus Gordaniana

Coast Redwood Scientific Name – Sequoia sempervirens These trees are native to a narrow coastal belt running from Oregon to south of Monterey Bay, California and included in this belt is the tallest tree in the world standing at 112.4m. They were introduced to the UK and Ireland via Russia in 1843 and are commonly […]

Mexican Pine Scientific Name – Pinus montezumae ‘Hartwegii’ Native to Mexico this tree was introduced to Ireland and the UK before 1837. These trees are very rare and only occur in a few large gardens. The bark of the Mexican Pine is orange and smooth with large paperish rolls that remain attached. They have a […]

The Giant Redwood is native to Sierra Nevada in Californian and is confined to a few isolated slopes with a western aspect between 5000 and 8000 feet above sea level. It was introduced to Ireland and the UK in the 1850’s and is commonly found throughout the British Isles with the exception of the West […]

Scientific Name – Picea orientalis Oriental Spruce are native to The Caucasus and north east Asia and were first introduced to the UK and Ireland in 1839 and are now frequently found throughout the British Isles. The bark of young trees is grey – fawn and roughly speckled. Older trees have pinkish – brown bark […]

Scientific Name – Fagus sylvatica ‘Pendula’ The European beech is a native tree of most of temperate Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean and south to northern Spain. In Mediterranean regions it occurs only at higher elevations and in western and central Europe it grows on a wide range of soils. It is native to […]

Scientific Name – Cupressus lusitanica bethamii A cultivar of the Mexican Cypress, the Bentham Cypress is native to Mexico and was introduced to the British Isles in 1840. It is only found in the UK in Devon and Cornwall where it is extremely rare but is more common in Ireland. It has a narrowly conical […]

Inistioge Village is located on the banks of the beautiful River Nore. It is surrounded by steep wooded hillsides and rolling agricultural land. The village is very popular with visitors and is well serviced with cafes, pubs and shops. Walk to Woodstock gardens through the old estate by following the western river bank of the […]

Woodstock is popular with many visitors who took the time to rate us on Trip Advisor.  See the link below to some comments on Woodstock :